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Spider Full Movie Download 1080p Hd

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A young man tries to make things right again in his relationship after he and his girlfriend get in a fight.

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original title: Spider

genge: Short,Action,Drama,Thriller

imdb: 7.3

duration: 9min

tags: It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye.

keywords: chocolate, fakespider, onewordtitle, animalintitle, syringe, stabbedintheeye, spider, roadtrip, roadaccident, prank, postcard, poeticjustice, paramedic, hitbyacar, gasstation, gasstationattendant, boy

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Without a doubt, the irresponsible Jack likes playing jokes on others, and this time, he is in for a big trouble, as his girlfriend, Jill, is irritated with him. Eventually, as the couple enters a petrol station, Jack will find the opportunity to make things right again by purchasing flowers and chocolate with the intention to win Jill back, nevertheless, is this enough to put the past behind? Jill is annoyed with Jack, ignoring his attempts to get her to smile as she drives a city road. She stops for petrol, and while she's filling the tank, he goes into the station's mini-mart and buys a bouquet, chocolates, and a few odds and ends. While she's paying, he sits in the passenger seat, strewing the flowers and things. She pushes away the flowers, starts the car, and resumes driving, staring straight ahead. He peels the paper off a chocolate and sets it on the dash near her hand. She takes it. He sets out another; soon she softens, then, she folds down the visor. Has Jack made things right again? And the tuffet? This slightly-under-10-minute short film is directed by, written by and starring Nash Edgerton shortly before he became Bob Dylan's regular music video director. The female lead is Mirrah Foulkes and Edgerton's slightly younger and probably more famous brother Joel has a small part in it as well.

We see a couple in a car and seemingly he did something before the film started to upset his girlfriend, as it's easy to see from her reactions (or lack thereof) and face expressions that she's angry at her man. The main content of the film is how he uses different ways to get on her good side again. Finally he managed thanks to a bouquet of flowers and chocolate. Had the film ended at this point, it could actually have been a pretty decent, though not too interesting, feel-good movie. However, it does not and what happens next is pretty much what you'd expect to happen from a stunt man directing a film (and that's not meant in a derogatory fashion). Actually, I was really surprised the girl survived it cause judging from the impact of raw force she looked like a goner. Unfortunately, I don't think the final act managed to raise the film quality-wise. It just added shock value and surprise the film could have done without and as a whole, I would not really recommend the film because of it. The moment she criticizes herself for giving in over some chocolate, I was really close to giving it a thumbs-up though. I was recommended to watch this film by my teacher at university (I'm currently studying a bachelor of film & TV production) and I am so glad he recommended it to me. After watching it, I couldn't help myself- I has to write some sort of review about it! This film, is absolutely brilliant. I will try my best to not release any spoilers for those of you who haven't seen it, however if you still haven't seen this film- Please do! Personally, I have watched it twice in a row now.Written and directed by Australian stuntman and Director, Nash Edgerton, in my opinion Spider has definitely made it to the "list" of some of the best short films to come out of Australia. It has a very simple yet intriguing storyline with a very bizarre and unexpected plot twist…. In fact, 2 plot twists. There are some elements of gore within the film however I found it to be quite humorous at the same time, it was a perfect combination of comedy, drama and gore. Edgerton not only did a phenomenal job at directing this film, but he can also be seen within the film acting as the lead male, Jack. Jack constantly keeps trying to make up to his girlfriend Jill (played by Mirrah Foulkes) for accidentally taking a joke too far. Nash slid into this character perfectly and made his acting very believable. Mirrah was exceptional in her role as Jill, her reactions to Jack's poor attempts to make up to her throughout the film are honest and truthful. Both actors were phenomenally casted and did exceptionally well within their roles. As mentioned earlier, I really like how it was directed and also how the storyline was structured. There are some nice close up, medium and long shots used throughout the film to establish the scene and also get the character's point of view and emotions. It has some sensational visuals/special effects (some which left me wondering- how did they even do that?!), a high production value overall and obviously some very clever directing. Even the lighting suited the dark, gloomy nature of the film. From the start it was obvious what the story was about however we weren't aware of where it was all heading, it kept us guessing and wanting to know what happens next. Both characters are completely opposite to each other which created some nice dramatic conflict throughout the piece. Overall I'd give this short film a rating of 10/10. After watching this masterpiece, I am now so excited to see what else Nash Edgerton comes up with… He is no doubt about to become something huge in the film and TV industry one day and I am definitely going to keep an eye out for his work in the future! I highly recommend this film if you like dark comedies…. And when I say Dark, I mean DARK. Be prepared for the unexpected, after all… "it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye"- Mum.


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